"Make a Positive Change in Your Life Today"

Michael Hainey

"A Strong Image of Yourself is a Success"

Michael Hainey

"The Right Action Needs the Right Vision"

Michael Hainey

Stress Management

Remove stress, develop a positive outlook on life and cultivate a calmer mind.

Anxiety Removal

Remove feelings of anxiety and stop negative thoughts from taking over your life.

Weight Loss

Find out whats holding you back from losing weight and create healthy habits in your life.

Fears & Phobias Removal

Learn how to remove fear and eliminate triggers that stop you living a normal life.

Stopping Smoking

Learn how to finally kick your habit and create positive, healthy, lasting changes in your life.


Drugs and alcohol are often used in an attempt to cope with difficult emotions.

Corporate seminars

Michael can present at your event, run workshops fro companies and simply chat on a podcast.

Ready to move forward with your life?  Here’s how you can get started….

Michael will guide through a one-to-one Rapid Hypnosis session that will quickly and effectively uncover the subconscious source of your physiological struggles.  If you need help with any of the things listed across – it’s time for change!