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Michael Hainey Hypnotherapy

Addiction Package (Alcohol & Drugs)

Drugs and alcohol are often used in an attempt to cope with difficult emotions, and because of the way the brain responds, people can quickly become addicted. Addictions bring with them a whole new set of obstacles, often leaving the drug user trapped in a cycle of drug abuse, trying to quit and relapsing.

Managing an addiction can seem really difficult, affecting all areas of your life, including work, relationships and both your mental and physical health. This course of therapy will take a closer look at the addiction; we use hypnotherapy for the drug addiction which forms part of your recovery.

Almost all addictions are due to detaching yourself from normal living, once we clear the need for this detachment, you can begin to enjoy a normal life free from your drug of choice.

I teach you how to manage your emotions; I give you tools and techniques to use in future when things become too stressful! Where once you would have reached for the bottle or the drug now you have coping mechanisms to use instead.

Trust me life doesn’t have to be this difficult. When you tackle the addiction at a psychological level, it does become easy to change your unwanted behaviour.

This unique system uses a holistic approach to eliminate the addiction from your life. You will be able to positively reprogramme your behaviour and let go of the desire to take the substance of choice.

£450 Package includes working together over 12 weeks.

6 Hypnotherapy sessions

Full support and training in the Emotional Freedom Techniques to manage emotions.

Including working with Family and Friends (if desired)

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