Hypnosis for Corporates

It’s a life-changing experience

 “i work online and face to face so no matter where you are in the world I can help”.

Podcasts and Online Events


If you’re running a podcast, webinar or any online channel related to hypnotherapy and mental wellbeing. Michael can bring a lot to the table.  There is nobody in the UK with the same level of expertise than Michael, and nothing makes him happier than sharing his insight on how to lead a healthier, happier life.

Mental Health Seminars

If your not quite ready for the full training schedule, Michael can come into your business and conduct a one-to-one employee wellbeing workshop.  The seminar will cover mental health, including how to remove anxiety, manage stress and cope with negativity.  They will learn to control all areas of their lives.

Training for Corporates

The world is changing and if you are running a business then it has never been more important to ensure the mental wellbeing of your employees.  If you are looking at increasing productivity, improve retention or just boost morale, Michael can assist your Company nurture your staff via in-house training sessions.