Hypnosis for Stopping Smoking


 “i work online and face to face so no matter where you are in the world I can help”.

Free yourself from unwanted habits and addictions

Includes E-Cigarette

Using Hypnotherapy to quit smoking. Clinical trials have proven hypnosis to have a success rate nearly TRIPLE that of so-called “conventional” methods like patches, pills, or gums.

What’s the difference? Together, you and I are going to combine the most advanced hypnosis techniques with a new ground-breaking neurological process to address the problem once and for all in the mind.

As soon as you walk in the door, we will get to work immediately to identify that issue, reverse it, and clear it from your system in such a way that you will immediately be able to validate the changes.

You may have tried everything from Gum, Patches to e-cigarettes – but it’s like nothing lasts, the craving never goes.

Trust me it doesn’t have to be this hard. When you tackle the addiction at a psychological level, it does become easy to change your unwanted behaviour.

This unique system uses the holistic approach to eliminate the addiction from your life. You will be able to positively reprogramme your behaviour and let go of the desire to smoke.

 Price £150

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