Hypnosis for Reducing Stress


 “i work online and face to face so no matter where you are in the world I can help”.

We all deal with stress in our daily life, however if you are struggling to manage that stress, you could end up negatively impacting your life.

You may feel like there is no escape from stressful thoughts, maybe even turning to medication or worse self medication (like alcohol) this only masks the damage being done to your physical and mental health.

Stress will continue to keep coming into your life until you address the root cause of that stress. Once you tackle stress at a Psychological level, it becomes easy to stop over thinking and take a new calm approach to new things that come to light.

This unique programme uses Hypnosis to remove the negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions, leaving you feeling much lighter with the stress and tension lifted.

You will then be taught tools and techniques to allow you to manage your Stress in the future, these include;

Self Hypnosis

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Breathing Techniques

Fast and effective Mind Hacking techniques to allow you to quickly control your emotional states


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I work online and face to face, so not matter where you are in the world I can help.

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